What can be treated with MLD?

Manual lymphatic drainage technique on the foot

The primary aim of MLD is to encourage the lymphatic system to work to its full potential. Fluid can then be from cleared from within the tissues taking waste material with it.


Specialised, light pumping techniques move the skin over the tissues in the direction of the flow of fluid within the lymphatic vessels. 

These slow, gentle rhythmic movements of the therapy are effective in calming the nervous system, aiding relaxation and help to alleviate pain. It is not uncommon for patients to fall asleep during treatment. Many patients report an improved immune system and enhanced healing after having regular treatments. 


MLD can also encourage tissue regeneration, so reducing the formation and severity of scars which can be unsightly and sometimes painful.


MLD treatments are frequently recommended by cosmetic surgeons to assist in reducing swelling, scarring, bruising and discomfort after procedures such as cosmetic surgery, liposuction and body sculpting. MLDuk mini guide to cosmetic surgery


Here are a few common conditions for which people book appointments:

  • lymphoedema
  • lipoedema
  • post- liposuction procedures and cosmetic surgery
  • post operative bruising and swelling
  • fluid congestion - swollen ankles, puffy eyes, painful breasts
  • chronic sinusitis and rhinitis
  • repair of torn ligaments and muscle sprains
  • fibromyalgia and muscle pain
  • digestive problems - constipation, IBS
  • old and new scars - post surgery and burns
  • headaches and migranes
  • skin disorders - eczema, acne
  • trigeminal neuralgia and Bell's Palsy
  • arthritis and rheumatism
  • auto-immune disorders disorders