Information for clients - staying safe


In order to reduce the possible risk of transmission of Covid-19 and ensure the safety of clients and myself, I have consulted and followed government guidance and appropriate professional associations. As a result there are some modifications to the ways I now work. 

  • Do not attend your appointment if you or anyone in your household has symptoms of Covid-19 - fever, continuous cough, flu-like symptoms, fatigue, rash or lost of sense of taste or smell.
  • You will be required to sign declaration form to state if that you or anyone in your household/bubble do not currently have symptoms of Covid-19.
  • Face to face time will be reduced by conducting a consultation either by phone or online prior to your appointment.
  • Fewer clients will be seen each day to allow time to clean and ventilate a room before and after each client (a price change will reflect this).
  • I will be wearing a face mask, clear visor, apron and gloves – please be assured gloves will not affect the treatment.
  • It is also mandatory for you to wear a face covering when coming for a treatment.
  • Please bring your own water and pen.
  • If possible try to arrive at the time of your appointment to avoid time spent in the waiting area and please come alone unless you require assistance.
  • Please check your temperature on the morning of your appointment and if high (above 37.8C) do not come in – I will be checking mine.
  • On arrival, please wash your hands before entering the treatment room.
  • Clients are asked to confirm in writing that their appointment is cancelled or deferred because they have Covid-19 or symptoms of Covid-19.
  • The clinics I work from have risk mitigation measures in place such as social distancing arrangements in communal areas; a regular cleaning regime for rooms, common areas and toilets; hand-washing and hand sanitising facilities, ventilation and require face coverings to be worn within the building.


Payment by card or BACS is preferred, however you may pay by card, cheque or cash. (It is requested you bring cash or a cheque in an envelope.)


If an appointment is cancelled or deferred at short notice because you have Covid-19 or have any symptoms of Covid-19, any standard cancellation fee will be waived. (Otherwise it is requested that clients have the courtesy to give the usual minimum of 24 hours notice).


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or wish to discuss any aspect of your appointment.


Tutorials or advice can be arranged by video call if you prefer.


Carol Garrison

07939 484 017              email:






Covid-19 policy


This policy outlines the key measures I have taken to reduce the of risk of transmission of Covid-19 (the content may be subject to change).


I am consulting and following guidance issued by the government, NHS, Health and Safety Executive and my professional association, MLDuk with regard to work activities, hygienic practice and personal protective equipment. In line with guidance from the Health and Safety Executive, I have carried out a risk assessment to:


  • identify work activities or situations that might cause transmission of the virus
  • think about who could be at risk
  • decide how likely a person could be exposed
  • act to remove the activity or situation, or if this is not been possible, control the risk.


Health Screening


Prior to treating a client, I will:

  • monitor my own health, defer treatment if I have Covid-19 or any key symptoms of Covid-19.
  • monitor clients by contacting 24 hours in advance of their appointment and deferring the appointment if they have Covid-19, any key symptoms of Covid-19, anyone in their household has Covid-19 or symptoms of Covid-19, if they have been in contact with anyone who has had Covid-19 in the past 14 days or have been contacted by NHS Test and Trace and told to self-isolate.
  • clients will be asked to call to cancel or defer an appointment if they have a temperature above 37.8C or any other symptoms of Covid-19.


Enhanced cleaning and hygiene

  • measures introduced are cleaning with a bactercidal and virucidal cleaning agent any porous surfaces and equipment such as couch, pillows, chairs, desk, door handles and any surfaces touched by the client before their arrival and after they leave.
  • replacing single use items such as couch cover and towels and storing in a sealed bag.
  • personal hygiene will be adhered to by the wearing of an apron and gloves in addition to regular washing and sanitising of hands.
  • a face mask and visor will be worn at all times.
  • social distance will be maintained whenever possible when not treating a client - on arrival, when leaving and when in conversation.


If an appointment is cancelled or deferred at short notice because the client has Covid-19 or has any symptoms of Covid-19, any standard cancellation fee will be waived. Clients are asked to confirm in writing that their appointment is cancelled or deferred for

this reason.



Carol Garrison                                                                                                                                                                                     4th August 2020