Development of MLD

Drs Emil and Estrid Vodder

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a unique massage technique developed by Dr Emil Vodder and his wife, Estrid in France during the 1930's and has grown to become the most known manual technique to assist lymphatic flow.


The couple discovered that very light, circular massage techniques were successful in clearing chronic catarrh and improving sinus conditions. 

After intense study of the lymphatic system, treatments for the whole body were devised and perfected which they called, manual lymph drainage. Furthermore, the importance of the lymphatic system was identified and they surmised that MLD could be beneficial for many conditions.


The work of Dr Vodder is continued and developed by a close associate Professor Hildegard Wittlinger at the Dr Vodder School in Austria and by other medical professionals throughout Europe.


Modern research has helped us understand why this method works so effectively on, not only the lymphatic system, but also the nervous system.


MLD has, for some years, been considered a valuable component in the treatment, maintenance and management of lymphoedema within hospitals, hospices and clinics.