Treatment of lymphoedema

MLD is not appropriate for all people or caution may be warranted in some circumstances. If you have other health problems, then firstly approach your doctor or consultant or breast care nurse for advice. Where appropriate I will always work with your medical team supervising your treatment.


If you are suffering from any of the following conditions please contact me before booking:

  • heart problems
  • thrombosis
  • active cancer
  • infection


The aim of MLD is to re-direct fluid and re-educate the lymphatic system. As it may take time to do this, a number of treatments will probably be required. Daily sessions or three treatments per week are often the quickest way to obtain results. Less frequent sessions are more appropriate in some cases. We will discuss your individual requirements at the first appointment.


Should you require intensive work you may need to commit yourself to regular sessions over the first 3 to 4 weeks but it can be worth the effort! Occasional repeat sessions are often beneficial after that. You can also learn self massage techniques to use at home.


MLD is an important element in the treatment of lymphoedema. Other components include skincare, exercise, compression garments and multi-layer bandaging (collectively known as Combined Decongestive Therapy, CDT or Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy, DLT). Any or all of these may be suggested as part of your treatment alongside the MLD and in combination can be effective in controlling swelling. Click here for the MLDuk mini guide to breast cancer.


If you are planning to use private healthcare insurance, I recommend speaking with your insurers before making a booking to obtain authorisation..


You can contact me on 07939 484 017 or via or the contact page